IMIDA launches an app that incorporates data from the CLIMALERT platform

The Instituto Murciano de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario y Alimentario, and partner of the CLIMALERT project, IMIDA, has developed AGROCLIMA, a free mobile application that allows the design of personalised irrigation programmes according to the type of crop and the location of the plots registered by users in the Murcia Agricultural Information System, SIAM.

To this end, the utility incorporates agro-climatic data from the network of weather stations in the region, as well as irrigation and fertilisation guidance programmes and flood and fire warnings provided by the early warning platform for water-related risks, CLIMALERT.

The app aims to help the agri-food sector make better decisions based on personalised reports on fertigation, cold requirements in stone fruit trees and the application of phytosanitary treatments, contributing to more profitable and sustainable production.

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