Activities – climalert


1. Design and creation of the climalert platform

This activity will bring together actions for designing and creating the platform: an early warning service for water-related climate risks (droughts, fires and floods).

The platform will include three geographical information systems:
1) Ssatellite information from the Sentinel satellites, including radar and Landsat 8 data;
2) Available soil and climate information;
3) Numerical models on terrain and weather forecasting.

The following tasks will be carried out in order to develop this activity:


Compilation of utilities and selection of the most interesting ones for the Sudoe region.


Assessment of warning systems.


Integration and processing of the data and information selected.


Time analysis of information from Sentinel (from 2015).


Discussions with and feedback from stakeholders (civil protection, bodies responsible for environmental management and agriculture).


Design of the platform.


Creation of the platform.

2. Implementation of the pilot project and optimisation of the climalert platform

This second activity will be focused on implementing the service, para su posterior optimización. and then optimising it. The platform will be tested in different locations throughout the area of cooperation.

The results from implementing the pilot project will help to optimise the system. In addition, the operational costs of the platform will be analysed from an economic point of view to determine whether they are financially sustainable. The second activity is broken down into the following tasks:


Implementation of the platform in pilot project format for managing droughts and fires


Implementation of the platform in pilot project format for managing floods


Optimisation of the platform


Economic feasibility of the platform in the long term: sustainability study

3. Training, information, adn exchanging experiences on managing water-related risks

The last of the technical activities will be dedicated to training, information and exchanging experiences between potential users and beneficiaries of the platform.

A number of local presentation events have been organised, together with training activities for different audiences and sessions for exchanging experiences between the participating areas, and information packages have been prepared in various formats.

The tasks covered by this activity are as follows:


Local events to present the project


Training activities


Field visits and sessions to exchange experiences


Guide to using the platform


Training videos

One of the expected results will be better prevention of natural risks

Contact with us

    Project coordinator
    ACMG- Jean-François Berthoumieu

    846 Allée de la Seynes, 47310 Sainte Colombe en Bruilhois