ACMG presents Climalert to various managers of water-related services

On 30 June 2021, the ACMG went to the DDT (Direction Départementale des Territoires) to present its work to several managers of water-related services: qualitative water management, quantitative water management and risk prevention.

The ClimAlert project was presented and received a lot of interest. The most impacting hazard within the territory managed by the DDT is water, whether it be an excess of water or a lack of water. In addition, in terms of risks, fires are becoming more and more important. Indeed, the alert threshold (level 4) is reached more and more often and over longer and longer periods.

Today, the DDT has a lot of data concerning the evolution of the climate, temperatures and flows, but the organisation is looking for a tool to link the information together, to model the impacts and interconnections between the different hazards within the territory. The ClimAlert project is in line with this need.

The ACMG has therefore planned to meet with fire risk managers to work on this issue.